FP-AP som är en paraplyorganisation för de europeiska parlamentens veteranförening har gjort följande uttalande

The European Association of Former Parliamentarians,

– Expresses its strongest condemnation of the war unleashed by Russia in Ukraine;

– Expresses its full solidarity with all the Ukrainian people who are bearing the dramatic consequences of a war on their entire territory, including the Donbass;

– Commits to supporting solidarity initiatives promoted by major international institutions (UNHCR, Red Cross, UNICEF) to specific initiatives to support Ukrainian citizens.

– It is our moral duty to accept and help the war refugees without limits.  We must guarantee that women will not become victims of clandestine gangs trading them into slavery.  Students, whatever their age, should continue as soon as possible their education in their host country.

– Calls for the Russian and Ukrainian authorities – in order to avoid a dangerous and dramatic escalation – to bring about an end to the fighting and to re-open negotiations as soon as possible;

– Stresses strongly the need for serious negotiations which affirm Ukraine’s right to the free choice of its international alliances while fully aware that the security of each state is inextricably linked to that of other states and cannot be at the expense than that of others.